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Clinical Lab

Labacoeconomics™: Expanding the Role of Clinical Laboratories in Value-Based Healthcare

The United States healthcare system is going through a period of disruption characterized by (1):…

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Pharmacoeconomics to the Clinical Laboratory

LabacoeconomicsTM : Applying the Concept of Pharmacoeconomics to the Clinical Laboratory

The pharmaceutical industry has faced significant criticism for the cost of therapeutic agents. Initially, these…

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Care During Pandemic

What Did We Learn About Care Integration During the Pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic caused the disintegration of many parts of the infrastructure that we rely…

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ACHE-MT 2023 Summit Highlights Presentation

American College of Healthcare Executives of Middle Tennessee (ACHEMT) 2023 Summit Highlights

Listen to a presentation from the ACHE-MT 2023 Summit on “Leveraging Lab and Pharmacy in…

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The Costs of Variation in Healthcare: A Closer Look at Test Ordering Patterns

In 1785, William Cowper penned “The Task,” a poem in which he used the phrase…

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Pace of Hospital Lab Acquisitions

Pace of Hospital Lab Acquisitions Likely to Remain Steady

Learn more about the steady pace of laboratory acquisitions and what factors are likely to…

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Measuring Clinical Laboratory Contributions

Measuring Clinical Laboratory Contributions

Are we doing it wrong relative to the clinical laboratory? To cut to the chase,…

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Community Clinical Laboratory

The Community Clinical Laboratory of the Future

Using the technology of the future to describe the clinical laboratory of the future. As…

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Hospital Laboratory Outsourcing

Hospital Laboratory Outsourcing and Its Unintended Consequences

Hospitals and healthcare organizations are facing multiple challenges. The transition from fee-for-service healthcare reimbursement to…

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