Rich Horan

Rich Horan

Rich Horan

Rich Horan is a senior-level diagnostic laboratory executive with over 30 years of experience specializing in technical operations, analytical equipment standardization, procurement, logistic systems, and accessioning processes.

Before joining CareTinuum, Federal Express selected him to implement their first logistics software for unique medical specimen tracking and driver performance.

He served as the chairman of the instrument platform committee at a large national reference laboratory and has extensive experience working with senior medical and operational committees to identify quality and operational efficiencies.  He played a lead role in designing and managing the construction of a hospital/health system reference laboratory (180,000 sq ft) and a national clinical diagnostic laboratory (217,000 sq. ft.).

Rich is an expert negotiator of corporate agreements with Siemens, Diegine, Thermo Fisher, Cardinal, etc., and served in the United States Marine Corps.

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